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Our IRC Operators (ircops) are here to help chatters with various issues or problems and some of the most common ones are listed below.

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You should never need to signup for any of these offers you are spammed with as we offer our own webcam chat service at which is completely free.) 8: Be respectful to others, although this should go without saying. All of the above are violations of our terms of service and are enforceable with warnings or bans at the IRC Operator’s discretion.

As this site is privately owned by an individual it should not be deemed as public which means we reserve the right to decide who can or cannot connect to this site and use the free services provided.

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Blue Eyes and she post the standings up on our “Game of Moans” bracket on site in the forum. butt, who will get the first annual golden trophy for our “GAME OF MOANS” ? ”*** Any questions please post them in the forum for Mrs. This way she doesn’t have the same questions asked over and over by individuals. hus DOM’s can email Mr [email protected] for further details Pd Images2017submissive Book Club EVENTS | The Vampire Queen's Servant Book Review and Discussion | Premium Member's Chat | 8/23, 9pm (E) | Meet the Erotic Author behind the series, Joey W.

(Often spammers will try to get you to add them to MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ etc so that they can solicit you for credit card details, to fill out questionnaires or sign up for things that they make money out of.We will ask every couple who wants to play to sign up for certain weeks. Many subs and DOMs travel so we want to make it fair that each couple gets 7 days available to compete. ) 3: No child pornography, this includes but is not limited pictures, videos, stories or posting links to websites containing this kind of material.We also do not allow the posting of child model or child swimsuit picture sites or any other material featuring minors.

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