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* « By Tab a I the foundation of this city is ascribed to Da'ra'b or Dara' the great, son of Queen Huma^i, the daughter and wife of Bauman Aedeshi^r, who appears to be the Ahasuerus of Scripture, and the Artaxerexes surnamed Long-handed by Greek and Latin authors.

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The number in the red dot tells you how many apps need updating. Firdausi, the Persian Homer, considered the foundation of this city as a circumstance worthy of commemoration in his Shdhndmah. “ Ddrdbkerd has four gates, and in the midst of it rises a “ mountain, resembling a dome, and unconnected with “ any other ; most of the buildings are constructed of “clay; and at this time (the tenth century) people from “ various towns and citicp of Persia come to reside hcre”(“). Yet we read in another part of the same manuscript, that the plague (V;) was very frequent at Ddrdbgird, and that the water of this city was the worst in all the province.Nu de putine ori, ziaristii rdeau ca niste diavoli dezlantuiti, la bancurile lui fara perdea, sau murmurau satisfacuti de ultimele brfe din lumea buna, ori se lasau pacaliti de aerul lui usor frivol, usor bascalios, dar vraja nu tinea prea mult, se rupea brusc si rencepeau tirul monstruoaselor ntrebari, ntr-o conferinta de presa, tnarul presedinte slabea cteva kilograme.De cnd devenise om politic, nvatase acest adevar nfricosator: presa nu iarta niciodata!

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