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Meet unique characters, make friends, and find romance, then play again to unlock all the endings.

I bought the game yesterday and I must say that so far, it's pretty challenging, which is a good thing. In either case, you want low stress, so it's important to make sure you rest before the exam.

i can never seem to have enough coolness when i meet her when i go partying.

Should i go partying every night until i see her or should i buy items that make me cool.

But I'm assuming that there's another Emma ending (that would go between Tanya and the threesome ending) in the gallery. Or maybe there's something that I'm totally missing, but whatever it is, I can only get the "date" with Emma at the movie theater in the last week. If you're missing any of them, you should get them.

Please note: this is a very old game made using a custom Ren' Py version. Because of this we decided to release it as freeware! Summer Session is one of the so called "dating games".

Also, that way you can use the last Friday to Work for the money and not lose time in your studies. I think you need to spend more time in your room after you talk to the coach, but I can't remember exactly when.

I think that to get the Emma ending, the character and Mario would have to go on a double date with her? Try setting it up so that you do Videogames the day after you have that conversation with the coach?

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