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You should be 18 years old or more to view the site! All links on this site lead to pages provided by 3rd parties. Recently they have been extremely interested in incest. He was on the swim team but extremely shy, so he didn't go on dates nor have girlfriends. The only problem was whether Dave was willing to join them. She was 5 ft 7 with nice shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes. She let her soft lips slide down his shaft, her tongue licking his nice meaty pole. She cupped his aching balls with her hand and massaged it, feeling the warmth of his sack."It's just so taboo," Karen would say as the two of them masturbated each other while reading incest stories. " "Karen darling, who cares what people think, and besides, who is going to know? The idea of engaging in a taboo thing such as incest was her latest fantasy. Bill suggested that Karen give slight hints by dressing more provocatively and teasing him so as to get him interested in fucking his mother. Karen bent forward and slowly pushed the pancakes off the pan and onto his plate. He knew this as he had checked out her bra in the laundry basket. She also had a nice round ass which sagged a bit due to her age but was otherwise better than most middle aged women. "Judging by how warm his cock and balls are, he must have a lot of warm cum inside him that he needs to shoot out," she thought. Dave was excited as he felt his mother's tits for the first time in his hands. Dave kept pinching his mother's hard nipples as she slowly sucked him off. She leaned down and hugged him from behind, her tits pressing against his head. Karen quickly pulled down his boxers to free Dave's hard cock. It was now bigger, like how a man's cock should be like. She could feel how warm and hard his cock was and it was getting a bit wet and sticky from his precum.

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