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Last but not least, @BBCEarth is partnering with science and tech creators like @Colin_Furze to put the most out of the box ideas in science and tech to the test in #Edge Of Science YT #You Tube Originals O @The School Of Life works with all-star creators to answer some of the world's biggest philosophical questions.Special guests include @Tweet Sauce @Lady Leshurr @imartinezp_ @emartineeez @omg Adam Saleh @Luzugames @Hannah Stocking Zm DLw O 🙏🏽Thank you @waze 🙏🏽Took the 405 to the 10 and got off at Cahuenga, without switching apps or missing a beat!That makes them about as inner circle as you can get.But as our research confirmed, fears of retribution, career limitation, and isolation remain prevalent and keep people from speaking about mental health in the workplace.Granted, some jobs are more intense than others, that will likely always be the case.But changing workplace culture is not necessarily about changing the pace or structure of the work we do.Many people exist in a workplace culture of glorified intensity, where the hours logged in a given week are worn like a badge of honor, and being a top performer means pushing to extreme limits of late nights and constant connectivity. Formal evaluations, compensation, and even casual workplace accolades too frequently focus on how hard a person is working vs.This kind of culture reinforces perfectionism as the only measure of success. how efficiently or effectively a person is working.

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In everything from pop culture to sports, unhealthy ideas about strength, toughness, and success have been cemented in our minds - and we bring those ideas with us to work. This kind of thinking must not be encouraged or rewarded, either directly or indirectly.Companies need to stress overall physical and mental wellness and make it a hallmark of their culture. Companies have to live it and put investments behind it.Leaders need to let their people know that their door is always open, and that no one needs to be afraid to talk if they are having a problem.Now #You Tube Music Premium subscribers can listen directly in the #Waze app.Start navigating →… By AWO Balancing an open platform while protecting our community isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.

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