Teaching esl and dating in south korea

This is a good way to get the less confident students talking and for others to mix with people they may not have done otherwise. Tip: Depending on the age level of the students speed dating may not be appropriate so you could instead call this ‘Mingling’. Get students to agree or disagree about something (make sure they understand that they can’t say either ‘yes’ or ‘no’): I think that Julia Roberts is very beautiful. I disagree Ask your learners “why” when they answer: You don’t think that politics is interesting? Here are a few suggested questions you can elicit from your learners. Activity 2: Speed Dating Arrange the classroom into a ‘Speed dating’ setting. Get the first team member to stand up and make sure they have their back to the board. The students must describe the word to the student with his / her back to the board without actually saying the word itself. You could use the following words: Nouns: Animals ~ birds ~ cars ~ something in the classroom ~ Verbs: Walking ~ studying ~ Adjectives: Kind ~ beautiful Activities or Games: Tennis ~ swimming Movie Stars: Robert Pattinson ~ Julia Roberts Key Words/Phrases From A Lesson: Phrasal verbs ~ idioms (for upper intermediate and advanced students) Tip: You could put a time limit on how long the student has to guess the word and create a points system.Move the tables so there are just two seats per table both facing each other. For example you get 10 points if you answer it within 30 seconds then 5 points for a minute etc.xoxo #travelling #livingabroad #instatravel #travelblog #blog #blogger #adventure #worldtravel #wanderlust #girlslovetravel #expat #expatwoman #expatliving #femaletravelbloggers #girlsjustwannatravel #wearetravelgirls #digitalnomadgirls #travelista #seetheworld #instapassport A post shared by Kate Carter Hickey (@thatgirlcartier) on In a country the size of Indiana, you would think that the two largest cities would have similar lifestyles.After spending a year in Busan I thought I had conquered Korea enough to hit the capital. There are countless benefits to living in both cities, and there are benefits to the EPIK and GEPIK programs (chill days maxing out at 5 or 6 classes, and TONS of vacation time! Public School positions are becoming scarce (and only hire at specific times of year), so most people end up having to at least consider picking up and shipping out for a hagwon (Private School) position.The winning team is the one who gets closest to the original phrase in the quickest time. Tip: Write a list of different ways your students can answer instead of saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’.Tip: Once the last person has heard the phrase the whole team can sit down to indicate they have finished or you could get the last person to run to the board and write the phrase down, this way you can see who is closest to the original phrase. Activity 4: Board Game Firstly divide your students into teams.

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@expatandthecity @torontoseoulcialite @samapple1 @playonstreets are in #Seoul #서울!Busan -The Bad: I had far too much free time and not enough to do.Some weekends I’d find myself just staying in and watching movies on Sundays because it was cold (seriously – Busan in the late fall through until the early spring is COLD).That’s a great way to save money, but it’s not very exciting. Was it blissful, chilled out, maxin’, relaxin’ good times? Busan – The Ugly: I live horrendously far from everything.Summers in Busan were amazing – I was at the beach every weekend. Hwamyeong is a new city nestled beside the Nakdong river (the only thing separating me from Gimhae) and just south of Yangsan (basically an entirely different city from Busan).

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