Teen dating ideas

If you live close to a major city or some nice attractions, you easily can take a day trip for the cost of gas if you bring your own food.Scout out some areas nearby or run a search on Google to see what fun things are around.Have fun drawing cartoon versions of yourselves together.Pick one of your favorite pictures together and paint it.You can choose the price of admission at a lot of museums, or you might be able to go for free on a certain day of the month.Not all museums need to be grand buildings, either.

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Buy an adult coloring book and pick an illustration to color.

This is a great sentimental way of sharing your pre-relationship life with each other.

Once you’re done with that, move onto reminiscing over old photos taken of the two of you together.

Take a blanket or some chairs and go to your local park for lunch.

Spend a few hours talking, enjoying the food, and people-watching.

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