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My suggestion is you can start with the transliteration first until you feel more comfortable communicating in Thai, then start learning how to read and write.It is a good feeling when you finally read and write the words you know in Thai and you will become proud of yourself. I think tones are very difficult for most of students who are not used to tonal languages.After I graduated from the university, my first job was staff in a high school and I needed to assist teachers including foreigner teachers with school papers.At that time, I had a chance to use my English to explain things and also taught them Thai words to use in daily life.I show students Thai structures with examples first so they can start creating their own sentences.I encourage them to speak Thai as much as possible, so they can use the structures they have just learnt.

Rujirat Pitsadee (Aoy), Pitsadee Thai Instruction The download has additional questions for you to pick and choose from – enough for everyone’s liking.

To learn a foreign language we must become children again.

This how we learned our native language, by imitating our parents.

You cannot avoid Thai script because you will see it every single day and everywhere.

Anyway, some of my students gave up learning Thai script as they thought it was too difficult.

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