The zen of dating

It’s unknowable, and uncontrollable, and uncertain. Those are difficult things, and if you have some ideal of a handsome prince or swoon-worthy princess coming along and falling into your lap, you’ll not only be greatly disappointed, you’ll be unprepared for when a good one does come your way. It can be really difficult when you aren’t good at talking to people, at making friends, or at dating. I’m posting here at Al’s house and Jomon is posting over at mine regarding Zen and Food.When I started writing on this post, I was approaching it with a discursive and relative based mind.The examples he cites are Steve Mc Garrett, Steve Austin, and the all-time king of laid-back Steves, Mr. It's a philosophy Dex began formulating back in Phil 101, where he cut through the beer fog long enough to glean a vocabulary (a decade after college his "favorite word" is still "solipsistic") and a reading list with which to impress chicks and rationalize his life as a confirmed underachiever.

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But while not many movie characters these days can be found reading Elaine Pagels' "The Gnostic Gospels" or keeping a copy of "God: A Biography" by the bed, "The Tao of Steve" is still primarily a movie about a guy who finds a way to commit.You also get access to a huge library of other courses and content for changing your life, one step at a time. Dex, the main character in "The Tao of Steve," is an unlikely lothario, to put it mildly.It's the Steve shtick she could do without, so she keeps her distance.Written by director Jenniphr Goodman, her sister Greer (Cyd), and their friend Duncan North, upon whose life Dex is based, "The Tao of Steve" is genial, with crisp banter that rivals the Coen brothers, minus the violence and bizarre plot twists. "The Tao of Steve" spends more time spoofing the casual adaptation of Eastern philosophy than it does teaching Zen enlightenment.

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