Theory and dating and love

Here’s a link, but if it is broken do a search and try to find the slides: slides. Suppose that Americans have between five to ten relationships before marriage.This means most people are going to reject the first two or three people, regardless of the person’s quality. Game theory would be a lot easier if you could ignore how other people affect the game. The HUGE caveat is the other person is also trying to game you.

You also have a 1/3 chance if you always pick the last person, or always pick the second. I marked the person that the strategy would pick in bold and indicated a win if the strategy picked the best candidate overall.)You increase your odds by learning information from the first person. When you go through the math, the odds do not change as you date more people.

Surprisingly, you’ll end up with your true love 37 percent of the time.

The advice is unchanged whether you plan to date 5, 10, 50, 100, or even 1,000 people.

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