Another way we can have a transudate leak is by let's say congestive heart failure. Now let's say that this person had left sided heart failure, so we've got heart failure on the left side. We know that the left side of the heart will back up to our lungs. Now if the pressure is increased that means that it's backing up towards our lungs, and the vessels in our lungs, it's going to cause an increase in pressure.

That would be the increase in our hydrostatic pressure that causes transudate, and as a result the same idea here, that fluid that we have going on here, that fluid is going to be forced out in-between the endothelial cells because the pressure is so high.

Pleural effusion is an abnormal, excessive collection of this fluid.

There are two types of pleural effusion: Your health care provider will examine you and ask about your symptoms.

Then we have our endothelial cells which are these guys poking out here.

Let's look at this second image that I have here.That fluid leaking out is going to leak into the actual plural space.That's what we talk about in a plural effusion.Now you'll see that the endothelial cells in the vessel, this hasn't changed.My vessel looks the same, and the endothelial cells are still sitting next to each other.

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