Frequency analysis, cross correlation analysis, continuous and cross wavelet analysis provide mathematical evidence that the correlation between solar cycle and meteoric tritium does exist.

Long-term changes are generally attributed to geomagnetic field effects, but short-term changes in cosmogenic isotope production rates are primarily driven by the magnetic field variation of the Sun.Theoretical calculations have shown that the solar wind is of minor importance or negligible regarding the production rate of cosmogenic isotopes, but these excursions are rare, non-periodic, and have only been detected for a few specific time periods.Neutron monitor (NM) data are widely compared to production rates of cosmogenic isotopes in the atmosphere.The strength of the GCR radiation at the Earth depends on the magnetic field of the Sun: the stronger the solar magnetic field, the lower the flux of the cosmic rays reaching the inner Solar System.Besides GCR, energetic particles come also from the Sun.

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