True dating stories chitown sweethearts dating stories

We went through a lot of the 'growing pains' issues that everyone goes through in high school, college and getting settled as an adult — but we went through them together and helped each other along the way.

Staying with a romantic partner you've been with since high school may seem unconventional at best and naive at worst.

"The stereotype that I've encountered most often is that being in a relationship for so long and at a young age is limiting and that it hinders each person's ability to grow and experience new things.

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People who've been with their significant others for so long face stigmas and stereotypes, as well as plenty of skepticism.

But there's loads of wisdom these lifelong couples — particularly high school sweethearts — have been keeping under their belts (or fanny packs, or mini backpacks, depending how long the relationship goes back).

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