University of washington speed dating

He is a professionally trained archaeologist with an interest in dating methods.

He has been involved in luminescence dating since 1986.

The laboratory also collaborates with the Department of Earth and Space Sciences for geological applications. James Feathers (Ph D, University of Washington 1990) is director of the laboratory.Additionally, each GME residency and fellowship program has a designated NURF Diversity Liaison who is a resident or fellow who assists in recruitment of talented underrepresented medical students/residents/fellows in medicine.We provide academic support and advocate for diversity elective rotations during medical school to foster an interest in pursuing UW as a choice institution of training.University of Washington Medicine provides one of the most unique training experiences in the U. We boast a medical community that values mentorship, apprenticeship, and communal growth mainly in part to our dedicated peers, attendings, faculty, and faculty advisers.Thus, we believe that guidance during our most pivotal years of training is integral to success not only in our respective programs, but also to our community as a whole.

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