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What sets the Dare apart from competitors like the Samsung Glyde and the LG Voyager, though, are dozens of little interface touches that make this phone a pleasure to use.The keyboards switch orientation automatically when you rotate the phone.Player Version#: 3.88.0 Something I just discovered is that it appears to me that in order to have plex update itself one must unplug/fully power off the TV. Just Check the watch option at bottom of page and have notification in your forum setting on. It was 4 Days ago Version: 3.88.0 Platform(s): LG web OS (2 UHD) NEW: Added subtitle color and position options We’ve updated our tooling to provide an improved user experience AAC audio streams are no longer automatically converted to AC3, EAC3, or DTS during Direct Stream or Transcode when the related Settings I’ve just signed up for Plex Pass and want to be able to record from the LG TV and store the recordings on a Synology NAS server running Plex server. Nowhere in the app can I find anything about setting up recordings of FTA TV. After asking the questions or completing the dare, Player 2 gets a chance to ask “Truth or Dare” to another player, and the game process continues.Depending on the occasion, a player can choose “double truth” or “double dare”, which means player 2 can suggest them their desired opinion.

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