Updating portage tree

Before you go any further, there is no necessity to use Portage on your machine to compile packages that are not on the Entropy repositories.Packages can be compiled in a clean environment with the En: Sabayon Devkit without messing with your current system.The reader is expected to know GNU/Linux at an administrative level.The emerge utility of portage provides the methods to install, upgrade and remove packages.This is done with the command: Now, PLEASE remember, that next time you upgrade the system, Entropy wants to revert the changes made in "client.conf", by asking you to execute: equo conf update, and overwrite the file.

This one simple mistake can completely break your installation due to differing dependencies at the system level.After this update, emerge is used to check for updates, install those updates and to possibily remove old cruft from the system.Some example settings from /etc/Time of execution varies based on delta between the local tree and what is latest, more changes equal more time.If you are going to mix and match, ALWAYS use Entropy to upgrade portage.Add each package there with the USE flags that you want it to have, including the -USE flags for the flags you don't want it to have that may get added by the If your package or USE flags requires new dependencies with specific settings, you will need to add those in here as well. It is best to use Entropy to meet all dependencies for any package, prior to emerging the actual package.

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