Updating ps3 via storage

It’s always a bit annoying when you have to take time away from your online gaming schedule to download firmware updates, but sometimes the updates are actually worth the hassle.

PS3 system software version 4.25 fits that bill if you happen to be someone who hops from PS3 to PS3, have signed up for Sony’s premium Play Station Plus service, and have a huge ton of save files.

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Right-click a blank area in the folder window and point to "New" and then click "Folder." Name this folder "PS3" with uppercase letters. Select the "UPDATE" folder as the save location and click "Save" again to download the update file.

Double-click this folder and inside create another new folder, naming it "UPDATE" with uppercase letters. Click "Start," "Internet Explorer." Navigate to the Play Station support website and the PS3 support section. Click "Burn to disc" on the toolbar if Windows does not automatically burn the the update file for you.

However, if you’re still thinking about going further with this then here we’re going to tell you how to jailbreak PS3. There’re thousands of Android apps that you might not come across using the same conventional Google play store for your app needs.

However, it is against the rules and Sony’s terms of conditions but rules are made to be broken. There are some restrictions after jailbreaking that you can never go online and you’re violating all the terms stated by Sony. Firstly, ensure that you have all the requisites shown below.

Press the button to open the computer's disc tray and insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW. Click the "Burn files to data disc" option when the dialog box appears.

Type "PS3 Update" in the name field for the disc, and then click "Next." Wait for the empty disc folder to appear.

If you want to put the latest system update on your PS3 but can't connect the system to the Internet, you can download the system update from the Play Station website and burn it to a CD.

To use a CD to update your PS3, you must burn the update onto the CD in a specific way to allow the system to locate and install the update automatically.

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