Updating punkbuster 2142

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I have completely scanned my computer for firuses, worms and trojans.....nothing there.

I have searched the web anc can't believe no one can help me! I also foollowed giocare's instructions to a T but nothing. I was thrown off track because I was NOT getting a CD key error and didn't consider manually adding it to the registry.

Admins can use PBUCON to stream PB logging and optionally issue remote commands and optionally ( for some games) stream normal game server logging.For the latest online help check the EA Games Tech Support Site for more official help.For community support, visit the EA BF2142 Forums, or one of the many BF2142 Forums popping up such as the Total BF2142 Forums for example.Direct X9 Errors: The BF2142 demo was not shipped with the latest version of Direct X9.0 which it requires to run properly, while the full retail version of the game does install the latest DX9 version.Regardless of which version you're running, if you're having DX9 error problems, try installing/reinstalling the latest Direct X Update or newer to make sure the game can run without problems.

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