Updating windows xp home to professional

I can not see how your link is related to XP SP3 in any way, and I have not found any item that requires you to Uninstall SP3 yet -On both Xp units I have, SP3 was one of the earliest updates I wanted to install (after SP2) Now all updates are current, as they should be -Thank You - EDIT - And I doubt your Signature Well..it's a laptop..manufacturer is responsible for posting any guidance which users may need re SP3.

If not, this means that XP was installed from an SP3 boot media, so you need to follow ~quack's advice.If you don't install it though, you may experience problems installing certain programs which use Windows Installer v3.1 v2 which isn't included in SP2.If SP3 causes problems, I understand that one cannot back out of a SP update. Had been a while since I could even access Bleeping computer website...magically fixed itself...think it was a service provider problem...comcast. There were problems installing it on computers with AMD processors and some HP systems. The average user should upgrade just for security reasons. They target systems that are not updated. support for SP2 ended in July 2010: SP3 installed, you cannot install security patches which were released later.I am trying to upgrade/downgrade to an earlier version of XP Pro Sp2. Yogesh Service Packs are basically one-way installs - they change/modify too many things to be undone safely.When I try to install, it says cannot upgrade to earlier version. If you do not want SP3 (don't know why, but if) - you need to install an earlier edition of XP (either one with SP2 slipstreamed, or install SP2 on its own).

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