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It wasn’t until quarter to 4 that I heard back from him, as I was leaving, suggesting a bar in the city by 5pm. That bar is closed today, haha”, with no suggestion of an alternative… I made a remark about the weather being “fucked” (but really I’m talking about him), and went to the bar to get myself a drink as he already had one. After talking for a bit about complete nothing, I asked him how his Tinder was going as I had no attraction to him whatsoever, and couldn’t care less about his interactions with other females.He was already cutting it a bit fine as my friend was giving me a lift and we barely knew where we were going. I was in the car with my friend not knowing where I was even going. And for what he told me, I’m glad I went on this date, because the story he told was OUTRAGEOUS.It was at this point I mused that she must be lying. She went to meet up with him, reached the bar and couldn’t see anyone there that looked like him so she sat down to wait. So there we were on a Sunday, 2 drinks in, conversation dwindling, and with work the next day… But, knowing my luck, he was also catching the same train as me, and changing over at my station. As obligatory ride-or-die train buddies now, we selected the 3-seater.No one could have this much bad luck, let alone 2 dates in a row! Within about 10 minutes a man who was in his late 40s approached her at the bar. I was by the window and he sat pressed up against me.

On the planet Zots, the ozone layer is being depleted because of too much “big feeling”: Left unchecked, individual Zotsians radiate love, which destroys the atmosphere.The TV show’s executive producer, Michael Patrick King, is set to write and direct.Details about the plot have been scarce, but expect lots of sex, cosmopolitans and high fashion, possibly in that order.June 2006 - Present Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban met at an event in 2005 and started dating, and they tied the knot a year later.They now have one daughter, Sunday Rose (born July 7, 2008).

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