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More than likely, we want the username and password to be at least 6 characters in length but not more than, say, 20 characters, because we don't want them to be too long. The username and password must be between 6 and 15 characters.Below this, it will tell the user that the username or password is too short.Like share this tutorial or if you get any issues you can comment your question or feed back below.String length validation is measuring the length of a string entered into a text box and making sure that it doesn't go under the minimum length or that it doesn't exceed the maximum length.Let me tell you the details on how you should proceed and what should be the use case while changing current password.So basically first thing you will need is the active login users ID or Email so that you can find out old password (hash).Then, we make a page to show usernames of the users.So, PHP will echo out above HTML code as his username.

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I assume that you have already implemented the login register and email verification tutorial on your end and now want to have change password feature added to the same application, then let’s get started.

So, every user who visits this page will be redirected to function to validate variables.

We can set it's second parameter to different values and use it to validate emails, URLs, integers, booleans, etc.

You can navigate to to see if the design as showing below in screen: Okay so we are good now will need to add new functions into the library file to handle change password request.

Go ahead and open up file from lib folder and add following functions at the end of the Demo Class: lib/library.php: /** * Verifies that a password matches a hash that is stored in database * * @param [type] $current_password * @param [type] $password_hash * @return void */ public function verify Current Password($current_password, $password_hash) /** * Change current password to new password * * @param [type] $id * @param [type] $new_password * @return void */ public function change Current Password($id, $new_password) If you focus on a functions the first function is basically providing us support to match existing hash with the new password.

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