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Requiring users to install Xerces is simply too onerous a requirement; few will have it already and the Xerces installation system leaves much to be desired.

On CPAN, the only available XML Schema validator is XML:: Schema.

However, unsupported attributes may be silently ignored.

This should not be misconstrued as a feature and will eventually be fixed.

By default, Input Source is = new Input Source(new File Input Stream(my Xml Document)); Validator v = new Validator(is); XMLSchema(true); JAXP12Schema Source(new File(my Xml Schema File)); boolean is Valid = Valid(); designed for validations of snippets of XML against different schema languages.

In this example we are going to validate if the package org.kodejava.example.xml; import sax.

Mostly programming in Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate / JPA.

Also, minimum and maximum constraints as described in the spec are not checked.

float Notes: The restrictions on double support apply to float as well.

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