Videochat free bonus credit

The signup bonus for this card has an attainable spending requirement that makes it a good choice for most budgets, and it offers good value even when only used to erase previous travel purchases.

You can also transfer the miles you earn to Capital One’s partner airlines, where smart redemption can get you a lot more per-point value.

While this card has a remarkable signup bonus — particularly for a cash back card — what makes it really stand out is that it has a spending requirement low enough that the average cardholder can hit the mark, but the card’s 4% cash back categories mean high earnings while working on that requirement.

Oh, and did we mention the annual fee is waived for the first year?

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Cash back rewards are often considered to be the simplest form of credit card rewards, as they don’t usually require a lot of work to redeem.Some links for the American Express® Gold Card offer as much as 50,000 points, and the Citi Prestige® has a regular bonus in the same range.Both cards have transferable points that can get high value when used wisely.But, transfer those points to any of Chase’s 10 travel partners to get twice the value (or more).Plus, this card also waives the annual fee for the first year.

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