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AHHarry Potter was adopted and renamed Damon Gibbs all evidence went up in flames along with the orphanage months later.When Scorpius is selected for a mentoring programme, Draco and Hermione have to put aside their past differences and work together to help him.

Voldermort is dead, she is Head Girl, and she is about to start a real relationship with Ron.

Wall by wall, the protective shield Emily created for herself comes crumbling down.

After leaving, some truths are revealed that change everything this is a Sam/Leah fic When Martin finds that Sandy has suddenly up and left, leaving Aaron in his care he goes to the only place he knows for help.

A new prophecy is heard and all of its witnesses are a little on edge.

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    The obtained wt average LA-ICP-MS U ages of the CA-treated zircon grains are up to 4–6% higher than those of the non-CA treated crystals, exceeding the analytical uncertainties of the LA-ICP-MS dating technique of 1–2%.

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    Any violation of this copyright, such as copying or reproducing any of these pages is an illegal act and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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    This follows a nationwide survey that took place last month where Australians voted on whether they wanted same-sex marriage.