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– one partner tries to control a partner’s sexual activity, without that partner’s free consent.

Rape is one extreme example, but other sexual abuse includes comments that make a partner uncomfortable, demands to watch masturbation, to watch or take videos or pictures, unwanted touching, or impeding a partner’s access to birth control.

Drugs and alcohol lower inhibitions and increase the risk of engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

Teams have a lower tolerance for drugs and alcohol, so the effects are much more dramatic.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Teen Dating Violence The teenage years are filled with emotion, hormones, and growth.

Many begin romantic relationships for the first time. Things become even more challenging when alcohol and drugs are involved.

At the very least, the decision to drive drunk can result in an arrest for DUI.

At the very worst, a drunk driving accident can be fatal and warrant much more serious charges. Child inclined to be violent in future relationships. Teen and victim both turn to drugs and alcohol to cope.

According to surveys: is to help more people recognize the need to get help for the trauma of abuse in relationships.

We need to know and be able to talk about what kind of behaviors may help us tell the difference between healthy relationships, troubled ones, and those that constitute abuse.

name-calling and put-downs are some of the most common forms.

Researchers believe that a parent’s addictions change the family dynamic and cause children to become more aggressive.

These aggressive tendencies prevent those children from developing positive, healthy relationships.

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