Virtual dating worlds online

They can also pull the plug on a date in the first few minutes if they’re lacking in spark, safe in the knowledge that they never have to invent elaborate get-out clauses.From a more romantic perspective, VR has the potential to expand horizons quite literally, allowing you to have your first date in any number of locations both real and fictional.Both industries are set to see yet more acceleration from the advent of VR, which could revolutionize the way we look for love online: With Facebook’s purchase of Oculus Rift, an obvious precursor to taking social media into a virtual world, the tools will already be in place to meet a potential partner with no strings attached.Online dating sites as they stand are antiquated; profiles are simply 2D adverts and there’s always the suspicion that the other person is trading off 5-year-old photographs.

Virtual Reality will change everything from social media to a trip to the movies.

Virtual Reality is changing the way we live, that much is certain.

The boundaries of the virtual and real worlds are blurring to bring static experiences to life, meaning that the online dating world is set for radical change.

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