When did jennifer aniston and brad pitt start dating

In addition to her successful career, Jennifer Aniston’s popularity surged due to her romance with another Hollywood beloved, Brad Pitt.Their relationship and subsequent marriage was highly publicized in the media and was deemed an incredible success.Well, before Pitt came into Aniston’s life, there were other men, though none came close as Pitt did.Without further ado, follow us as we take you through Jennifer Aniston’s dating history.And then the big wedding in July 2000 which made several lists of the most expensive celebrity weddings.Post-wedding, their flame continued to burn and Brad even made a guest appearance on Friends – what more could you require from a power couple?This is one of Aniston’s first relationships to attract media attention.

Anyway, Donovan got past the engagement phase in 2005 when Corinne Kingsbury walked down the aisle with him. Trying to get over what she thought would last forever, Aniston hooked up with certain Paul Rudd, but all it did was prepare her for the arrival of Mr.

Jennifer was previously married to fellow superstar Brad Pitt, but she’s had a few other interesting beaus over the years.

That’s why we’ve decided to round up the lovely Ms.

The 44-year-old actress has found happiness with the actor/screenwriter — the adorable pair have been engaged since 2012.

Aniston even recently stated that she and Theroux “already feel married.” Very cute, Jen.

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