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Bible sales in America, this year and every year, are huge.The Bible actually is consistently the best-selling book of all in any given year, and it never makes the bestseller lists.If salvation was based on just owning a Bible, America would be a truly Christian country for sure. At Christmas time, the Christian buyer is presented with a bewildering array of Bibles to choose from and so I thought it might be useful to give some guidance for Bible buying.Now of course when I say Bible, I am in the first instance referring to the Biblia Hebraica and the Greek New Testament-- that's actually the Bible in its original languages.But for most folks in America the Bible is simply synonymous with their favorite translation.

While we are dealing with the KJV it is well to point out that we don't speak olde englishe, yea verily, anymore.In other words, you need to come as an informed consumer-- informed about the different Bibles, and informed about who you are buying it for. The Message or the Living Bible), to idiomatic translations (e.g.NRSV, TNIV, NEB, Jerusalem Bible, NKJV, TEV-- in fact most translations fall into this camp) to nearly literal translations (NASB and a few others). non-literal issue of translation, but you should be aware that there is no such thing as an absolutely literal translations because: 1)English is a very different, and non-genderized language than the Biblical languages (i.e.Different translations are done for different purposes and different audiences.So a better first question than "Which Bible should I buy?

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