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Similarly now when a person seeks his match, he must overcome great opposition.

(No Longer Alone, Breslov) Depending on your perspective, the soul mate concept espoused by the Zohar, a book of Jewish mysticism, either comforts or ups the ante on finding true love. attended yeshiva in the morning and only attended college at night.

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Later based upon biblical precedent, the Talmudic sages insisted on a womans consent before marriage (Kiddushin 41a). Later, when czarist decrees put unmarried boys at risk of being drafted to the brutal army (a move whose overt goal was to divorce young boys from their Jewish heritage) there are some accounts of very young children being paired off, but the marriage was only consummated years and years later.

Whether youre a fresh-faced college grad; a been there, done that, seen that dating-scene graduate; or a parent plunged back into the harrowing and even (sometimes) fun dating life, dating is the territory you explore before finding a soul mate. In the scope of history, the whole concept of actively participating in finding a ones own life partner is in its infancy.

Biblical Judaism stood at the cutting edge of a womans right to choose, a mate that is, when the rest of civilization entirely cut women out of the matchmaking process. And three children later, the couple is still astounded by the divinely inspired coincidences that brought them together.

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