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While some may be up for the challenge, many just aren't — and if life is too short, who can blame you?

Drama can be exciting, but not You should probably never date: Aries, Sagittarius, and Virgo. When a Virgo dates an Aries things get too serious.

Scorpio needs to be with a sign that can handle them at their best and at their worst and be willing to keep things in balance — despite the fact that neither Cancer nor Scorpio are known for keeping balance.

So if the balance is off with these two, it may not be found again.

You should probably never date: Pisces, Gemini, and Cancer. Similar to why Aries shouldn't date Aries, Gemini shouldn't date Gemini — there are just too many personalities involved.

As for why Gemini and Cancer should avoid dating each other, that comes down to sex more than anything else.

First off, there's more to astrology than just your sun sign, so it may be worth getting your chart read, too.

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You should probably never date: Aries, Aquarius, and Scorpio. There's one word to describe the union of Scorpio and Aries: disaster.Not serious in regards to relationships, but serious in that trying to find a chuckle over the same thing is trying. If you're looking for a fairytale relationship, then steer clear of Sagittarius.A relationship with Sagittarius will lead to endless doubts, as trust will always be an issue, and something about this union may make you feel trapped.The reason Taurus and Aquarius should never date is because it's simply wasted time.While at first they can make a go of it, the fact that they communicate differently means they may not work in the long run.

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